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2008 June Win Men Biotech Sdn. Bhd. was founded. Win Men Biotech Sdn. Bhd. is a high-tech company. The company specialized in research and development, with high-tech and integrated international new technology, taking probiotics and natural extracts as the leading products, commits to the development of green non antibiotics product and promotes the manufacturing of safety and high quality livestock products and guarantees the health of human being.

2010 October Win Men Resources Sdn. Bhd. was founded. Win Men Resources S/B is specialized in import raw materia for livestock and poultry such as maize (corn), soybeans, soybeans meal, fishmeal, meat & bone meal, rapeseed meal and etc.

Our Award

BioNexus Overview
Since 2005, BiotechCorp has facilitated the development of 217 BioNexus-status companies in Malaysia with total approved investment of RM 2.64 billion. BioNexus Status companies receive continuous support and assistance from BiotechCorp on immigration related matters, IP advisory and regulatory services and employment related matters. BiotechCorp also provides a wide range of capacity building programs covering a variety of subjects to assist biotechnology entrepreneurs in managing their business locally and internationally

BioNexus is a special status awarded to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies. The status endows fiscal incentives, grants and other guarantees to assist growth. This status is awarded to qualified companies undertaking value-added biotechnology and/or life sciences activities. Apart from the overall benefits and support, BioNexus companies are assured a list of privileges as stipulated in the BioNexus Bill of Guarantees.

Our Philosophy

The founder of the Win Men TECH, Mr. Ng Chor Mong has a corporate philosophy: To govern the country and bring peace to all, one should first be able to govern one's family; to govern one's family successfully; one should first learn to govern oneself. This is one of the phrases from Chinese. Everything will be success if we can have a good personality. Everything is start from have a good personality, and then you may have a good family. Furthermore, when you can have a good family background, you may success in your career also known as rules the world.

The founder is based on this philosophy and continued his journey to bring the company enter the international field. Besides that, the founder also have a key of success to rule his world (manage the business). Without serenity, you will not be able to gain the point of view. This mean we need to a quiet state of mind, so that we our thoughts can lead to the further ideas. Furthermore, the founder wishes all the employees in Win Men TECH equipped with these three principles:

The employee is a positive thinker.
The employee is a mature person.
The employee is a creative person.

The founder hopes his employees work without any stress in his companies. He hopes all the tasks given can be finished on the day and there are no any overtime for his employees.

Our Place

In line with our expansion, we have moved to new plant which is easy accessible & strategically located near to Penang second link, North South Highway and Penang port.

Our Innovation

The innovation of Win Men TECH is replacing of technology of a surplus of the human wasting, high effectiveness to replace by slowing growth of the time wasting, high quality instead of blindly roping waste of money, and merge with the latest biotechnology and the natural organic agriculture.

Our Vision

Vision is to be the high-tech and integrated international new technology company, taking probiotics and natural extracts as the leading products, commits to the development of green non anti-biotics product and promotes the manufacturing of safety and high quality product and guarantees the health of human being.

Our Service

We are works as importers, exporters, manufacturers and suppliers in all kind of biotechnology and livestock. Furthermore, Win Men TECH also provided the professional services for farm management and feed formulation.

Our Marketing Network

Strategic partners develop business models and solutions that help customers take advantage of new technologies.

With the Strong R&D capability and promotion power, the company export sales continue increasing. International business is expanding rapidly and popularity of Win Men TECh Brand in the international market has been upgrading. At present, the Win Men TECH has estabished international partnership with well-know enterprises in CANADA, PANAMA,CHINA, TAIWAN, THAILAND, VIETNAM, INDONESIA, INDIA.

To meet the vigorous market demand in MALAYSIA, CHINA, TAIWAN and VIETNAM, Win Men TECH has branch office in MALAYSIA (Ipoh, Selangor, Johor) VIETNAM (Ho Chi Minh City), TAIWAN (Taipei City) and CHINA (Beijing City).

Our Organizational Chart

Our Team

Our team structure is comprised of people with many years of experience in the long term care provided of feed additives and other products with based on biotechnologies. Our philosophy is satisfied of customers and provision of professional services. We have Finance Manager and Ceos that will be contracted and commissioned resellers and reporting to the Managing Director of business Development.

With its team of well trained & dedicated staff, Win Men TECH strive to provide quality products and professional services to as carry out in our philosophy since incorporated. Win Men TECH acquired a research and development in commercial farm. This commercial farm will act as an experimental farm for the company's product and enable the company products to be more competitive in market. The new products always tested in the demo farm before products are successfully marketed. Win Men TECH products are always cost effective to help farmers obtain the highest profits by following our products and feeding program.

To date, with our Win Men TECH has established raw material supply base by cooperating with other enterprises, and co-developed commodity transportation and marketing channel in conjunction with nationwide business partners. Therefore, Win Men TECH can secure safe raw material and feedstuffs supply for its own use and strategic business partners as well.


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Qualification : Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, obtained in 1993.
Briefing : Mr.NG CHOR MONG has over 20 years of working experience in operations and business development in various industries. He has hands on experience in human capital management, transfer of technologies, food and beverages manufacturing, franchising, retailing and commercialization of new technologies. He is currently responsible in managing the overall operations of JP GROUP with focus on new business developments, R&D and new product developments.



Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, obtained in 1993.
Briefing : MR. MICHAEL WONG carry an experience of more than 20 years in this Resources & Operations department. He has hands on experience in analyzed human resource program design to anticipate and minimize problem areas. Handled labor relations, contract negotiation and administration, plant liability insurance coverage. Oversaw contract negotiations with the bargaining unit. Experienced in various computer programs and the Internet.



Qualification : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Majoring in Animal Science, Institute of Biotechnology Department of Animal Science and Technology National Taiwan University, obtained in 2001 year.
Briefing : DR. LIU JE-RUEI is a full time Professor of the Institute of Biotechnology at National Taiwan University since 2006. His research interests are microbiology, mycotoxinology, protein engineering, and enzyme engineering. He has published 50 scientific papers and has 2 US patents. He is a peer-reviewer in 17 SCI journals. In 2013, DR. LIU won the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, which is the highest honor bestowed by the Taiwanese government on science professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.

Professor JE-RUEI LIOU has been selected as the recipient of the 吳大猷先生紀念獎 on MAy 2014. 吳大猷先生紀念獎是中華民國行政院國家科學委員會於2002 年以吳大猷(1907年-2000年)為名所設置的獎項,以表揚青年研究人員,並獎助台灣未來的學術菁英長期投入學術研究,以及紀念吳大猷對發展科學與技術研究的貢獻。



Qualification : Majoring in Biotechnology Science, Institute of Biotechnology Department and Chinese Culture University, obtained in 1994.
Briefing : MS. LIOU YI CHI are former research assistant at Academia Sinica, Taiwan from 1994 to 2004.She has over 10 years of experience in technical service. She also serves as staff R&D for the Win Men Biotech Sdn. Bhd.



Qualification : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Majoring in Animal Science, McGill University, Quebec, Canada, obtained in 2003.
Briefing : DR. LEE JAI-WEI worked as a technical consultant for several Canadian companies producing feed additives, including Nutribios Inc., NeozymeInc…etc. He was hired as a Professor in the Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan from 2005 to 2010. In the past ten years, Dr. Lee has published more than 20 scientific papers on high quality research journals. Therefore, DR. LEE has extensive academic and industrial experiences in the area of feed additives and vaccine technology for domestic animals. Dr. Lee is an expert in microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology. He is is responsible for the R&D and the Knowledge Transfer section in its business development.



Qualification : University of Oxford England / Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, obtained in 1993. CA(M) FCCA (1998).
Briefing : MS. WONG SIEW LING from Oxford University, England and has been in the financial for over 18 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in taxation and audit matters. She also serves as staff accountant for the JP Group (Holding Company of Win Men Biotech Sdn. Bhd.)